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You Are a Liar Game

# UQ4532
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Can you tell the truth from a lie? Challenge friends and family to our hilarious You Are a Liar Game and find out! Gather around a table and lay out three stacks of cards: TRUE cards, LIE cards, and FINGER cards. One person is the guesser, and turns their back on the table; the remaining players each pick a TRUE card or a LIE card (at least one player must pick a LIE!), then the guesser turns around and each player reads the statement on their card. At the end of each statement, the guesser must decide if it's true or a lie: If they think it's a lie, they place a FINGER card in front of the player reading the statement. For every correct lie, the guesser keeps the FINGER card; when all the FINGER cards are gone, the person with the most, wins! For three or more players, ages 12 and up.
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