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The Dog Who Wouldn't Be

Farley Mowat
# UP7542 Paperback, 220 pages; 2017
No Longer Available

On another occasion Mutt found a tempting ladder, ascended it, and, being unable to turn around, simply clambered into an open secondstory bedroom window and scratched at the closed bedroom door until the householder came upstairs and let him out…his wife asked him what the noise upstairs had been, and he replied, "Nothing, my dear. Only a stray dog in the bedroom."

Beloved Canadian novelist Farley Mowat was just a boy in 1929 when, newly arrived in the remote frontier town of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, his mother purchased a runty puppy for four cents. Young Farley named the dog Mutt, an unprepossessing name for what turned out to be a most extraordinary dog. From his first (hilariously disastrous!) efforts as a retriever during hunting season to his affinity for scaling fences and ladders to the bizarre combat techniques that disquieted the rest of Saskatoon's dogs, Mutt was a dog unlike any other…and the best friend a boy could have. Rich in wit, verve, and love, this charming memoir is a must-read! (KG)
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