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Murder Has a Motive

Francis Duncan
# UP5812 Paperback, 378 pages; 2018 (1947)
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When amateur detective Mordecai Tremaine arrives for a holiday with old friends, the last thing he suspects in the sleepy seaside town of Dalmering is a vicious murder. As soon as he steps from the train, however, his friends Paul and Jean Russell inform him that a woman was brutally killed the night before, and they implore Mordecai to help find the killer. As secrets are uncovered, every bit of suspicion and distrust festering within the small community is brought to the surface, and Tremaine begins to sense a sinister evil floating on the salt-scented air—one he must uncover before the killer can strike again. This cozy mystery has twists, surprises, and a final confrontation that would make even Agatha Christie proud. (SM)
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