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The Cat in the Box: A History of Science in 100 Experiments

by John Gribbin and Mary Gribbin
# UP3512 Hardcover, 288 pages; 2017
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It's okay if you didn't ace high-school physics; curious minds from all academic disciplines, including the school of life, will be fascinated by this stroll through scientific history. From the bath that allegedly sent mathematician Archimedes running naked into the streets yelling “Eureka!” (#1, the upward thrust of water) and Andreas Vesalius's cutting-edge exploration of human anatomy (#4, dissecting the human body) to measuring temperatures in the sky to reveal astonishing truths about matter and energy (#100, the composition of the universe)—with Pavlov's dog, Schrödinger's cat (spoiler alert: there was no cat), Gregor Mendel's peas, and more incredible experiments in between!— The Cat in the Box is an engrossing celebration of the “epic moments that have fueled our understanding of Earth and the universe beyond.” (KG)
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