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Word By Word

Kory Stamper
# UM8302 Hardcover, 296 pages; 2017
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The spectrum of hatred against "irregardless" might be unmatched… "irregardless" is evidence that English is going to hell, and you, Merriam-Webster, are skipping down the easy path, merrily swinging the handbasket.

An avid reader long fascinated by language, Kory Stamper couldn't believe her luck when she landed a job at Merriam-Webster, America's oldest dictionary company. Word By Word is Stamper's insightful, occasionally irreverent memoir/history book/grammar guide that delves into the fascinating world of lexicography. From tales of life behind the scenes at Merriam-Webster (including fielding complaints from readers about such "nonsensical" words as "irregardless") to etymological dives into the history of the English language to grammatical reality checks ("you can stick a preposition at the end of a sentence without any deleterious effect whatsoever"), Stamper's journey through "the secret life of dictionaries" is a rousing read for language-lovers! (KG)
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