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I Wish…

Penny Johnson and Kirsten Irving
# UM7522
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While frisking about in the forest, meeting new creatures at every turn, an adorable fox cub wishes upon a star that he could fly like a bird, roar like a bear, swim like a fish, hop like a bunny, and more. But as wonderful as his new friends are, the sweet kit at the heart of I Wish… (UM7522) gradually comes to realize he really likes being a little fox who gets to play in puddles, scamper around at night, and snooze during the day. And when he snuggles up with Mama Fox, he is content "to be just as I am,/as there's only one me!"Celebrate your one-of-a-kind little reader with this heartening story…made all the sweeter when cuddling our bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 12" Fox Club Plush (UM7422). For ages 1 and up.
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