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For the Love of the Royal Family

Roger Bryan
# UM7382 Hardcover, 226 pages; 2016
Currently Unavailable
Royal watchers and history buffs know their fair share about William the Conqueror, Victoria, Henry VIII, and (of course) Elizabeth II. But did you know that Cnut, who became king in 1016, allegedly placed his throne on the beach and commanded the tide to halt at his feet? (Spoiler: It didn't.) Or that when James I succeeded Queen Elizabeth I, he took over from the very woman who had his mother executed? Did you know Prince Albert introduced the tradition of decorating spruce trees at Christmas to England? For the Love of the Royal Family is a chronological "celebration of the kings and queens of Britain," filled with brief biographies, fascinating anecdotes, and little-known facts about the crowned heads. Though many of these entries are only a few paragraphs long, taken together they paint a surprisingly insightful royal portrait! (KG)
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