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Far and Away: How Travel Can Change the World

Andrew Solomon
# UM7332 Paperback, 624 pages; 2017 (2016)
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This uniquely insightful and profoundly moving collection of essays will do nothing less than expand and enrich your worldview. With a complex relationship to the concept of “home,” journalist Andrew Solomon “cherished travel for the ways it stopped time, forcing [him] to inhabit the present tense.” And throughout the past quarter-century, he's visited the far reaches of the globe—from building barricades during the collapse of the Soviet Union to joining an impromptu dance party on the remote Solomon Islands—reporting on his experiences with keen intelligence, insatiable curiosity, disarming humility, and, most of all, enormous compassion. Throughout the essays—each of which includes an updated reflection on what has happened in the country since it was first published—the people Solomon encounters (political prisoners, shamans, artists, families in war-torn countries, and more) offer an up-close and personal perspective on history unfolding in places undergoing seismic upheaval. I guarantee you've never read a travelogue like this! (AG)
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