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Dear Jane: Wise Counsel from Ms. Austen and Friends

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Jane Austen is known for her witty and cutting opinion of love, marriage, and society. Now, in Dear Jane, some of her most poignant quotes are compiled as answers to advice column questions. In this tiny (4"x5") tome, Austen tackles several topics, including "Etiquette and Lifestyle" ("I feel like I'm getting too old to throw a birthday bash, but I still want to. Should I?" "One cannot have too large a party."), "Career" ("No matter what I do, my boss finds something wrong with my work. I don't get it—I generally perform well. Is there something I'm missing?" "Where there is a disposition to dislike, a motive will never be missing."), and "Breakups" ("I just got dumped and I feel awful. What should I do?" "Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love."). Adding to her guidance are quotes from Emily and Charlotte Brontë, Sir Walter Scott, Lord Byron, and many more literary legends. Keep this handbook on your bedside table, coffee table, or tucked in your purse for some constructive words of wisdom whenever you need them! (SM)
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