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Jane Austen, the Secret Radical

Helena Kelly
# UM4712 Hardcover, 318 pages; 2016
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The trick was never to be too explicit, too obvious, never to have a sentence or a paragraph to which someone could point and say, "Look, there - it's there you criticize the state, it's there you say that marriage traps women, that the Church is crammed with hypocrites, that you promote breaking society's rules."

Think Jane Austen's novels are merely romantic social comedies? Think again! Helena Kelly's surprising and thoughtful take on Miss Austen's work offers a revelatory new reading experience even for veteran Janeites, probing deep between the lines of novels like Mansfield Park and Sense and Sensibility to explore the beloved novelist's opinions about the politics and culture of her time. From slavery and war to women's rights and primogeniture…Jane Austen was an extraordinarily insightful woman indeed! (KG)
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