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Everything About Paris (Or Almost Everything)

Jean-Christophe Napias and translated by Simon Beaver
# UM4432 Hardcover, 206 pages; 2016
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This pleasantly meandering collection of Parisian miscellany is almost as delightful as a stroll through its cobble-stoned streets! Wander through the pages to find a guide to the city's equestrian statues; the location of the oldest tree in Paris; famous poetic odes to the metropolis; a history of Parisian roofs; and so many interesting lists (of Paris's indoor markets, fictional streets, vineyards, art-house theaters, most popular baby names - just to name a few). This "petite encyclopedia of indispensable and superfluous information" is essential browsing for Francophiles. After all, can you truly claim to love Paris if you don't know the number of steps to the top of the Eiffel Tower, the contenders for the oldest restaurant in town, or the origin of the Paris-Brest pastry? Mais no! (AG)
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