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Beginnings: Reflections on the Bible's Intriguing Firsts

Meir Shalev and translated by Stuart Schoffman
# UM3842 Hardcover, 295 pages; 2011
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Here's how [God] explains love to us, upon its very first appearance in the Bible. God called light "day," and darkness he called "night," dry land was "earth," and the waters "the seas," and the heavens "sky," and this, he tells Abraham, what you are feeling for your son, is called "love." And now that I have given a name to your love, take your son whom you love and sacrifice him to me…

In this thoughtful and thought-provoking book, award-winning Israeli writer Meir Shalev explores the "firsts" found in the Old Testament, reflecting on the significance of these moments and what they mean for people of faith. From the first love and the first dream to the first hate and the first law, Beginnings offers a nuanced exploration of Hebrew scripture and what they continue to teach us today. (KG)
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