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Paper Cuts Card Game

# UM2912
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Readers, word wranglers, and anyone else with a saucy sense of humor will relish this "party game for the rude and wellread!" Here's how it works: The player designated as Editor draws a question card, and the remaining players (the "Writers") each submit an answer card. The Editor chooses her favorite answer - be it the funniest, cleverest, or naughtiest - and awards the winning Writer a point. For example, if the question card reads "Studies show 90% of readers prefer print books to ______________," Writers might submit answer cards that say "Dorian Gray's rapidly aging face," "'death of the novel' think piece," or "adult coloring book." Other question cards ask players to use their answer cards to complete famous literary quotes or provide alternative answers to bookish facts. Guffaws and giggles are bound to ensue…though if you're offended by salty language, Paper Cuts may not be for you. Gather your book club, open a bottle of wine, and let the games begin! For 4 to 8 adult players.
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