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The Other Daughter

Lauren Willig
# UM2892 Paperback, 310 pages; 2016 (2015)
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When her mother becomes seriously ill, Rachel Woodley leaves her job as a governess to a wealthy French family and hurries back to England. But by the time she arrives home, it is too late - her mother has died. Quite by accident, Rachel finds proof that the father she had been told had died when she was a child is not only alive, but also a wealthy English aristocrat who is married with two grown children. With the help of a rather dubious new friend, Rachel searches for a way to meet her father and confront him as to why, when they were all so happy together, he left their little family all those years ago. Along the way Rachel meets a series of people - many of whom are not what they seem to be - and in the end, everything that Rachel thought was true turns out to be something very different.

A Reader Review by Lauran Stevens of Seattle, Washington
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