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Older and A Whole Lot Wiser

by Michael Powell and Fiona Tornton and illustrated by Dave Williams
# UM2046 Hardcover, 104 pages; 2017
Currently Unavailable
Put your "little gray cells" through their paces—and perhaps stave off the mental effects of aging—when you tackle the Older and A Whole Lot Wiser workout! After all, your brain "loves a good challenge and hates inactivity," which makes this compendium of puzzles, trick questions, conundrums, and exercises in lateral thinking just what the doctor ordered to "tickle your synapses and to blow away the cerebral cobwebs." (The answers to each head-scratcher are included in the back of the book, for those who like to take a victory lap.) Put on that sweatband and sharpen your pencils: It's workout time! (KG)
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