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Envelope Poems

Emily Dickinson and transcribed by Marta L. Werner and Jen Bervin
# UM1782 Hardcover, 95 pages; 2016 (2013)
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As there are Apartments in our own Minds that - we never enter without Apology - we should respect the seals of others -

Emily Dickinson published fewer than a dozen poems during her lifetime, but the prolific author penned nearly 1,800 in total...many of which lay undiscovered until after her death. Among them were what have come to be called her "envelope poems," snippets of verse and other notes jotted onto postal envelopes. More than thirty of those brief writings are collected in this slender volume, which combines photographs of the diminutive manuscripts, "addressed to no one and everyone at once," alongside typewritten transcriptions. What a lovely and profound keepsake for the poetry-lover or singular woman you know. (KG)
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