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The Art of Conversation

# UM1652
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"What was a game you played as a child that didn't cost any money?" "Which word or phrase is frequently uttered by you when things go wrong?" "What would you do if you were sure to get away with it?" These are only a few of the prompts on our Art of Conversation cards, designed to encourage introspection and stimulate dialogue. Pull the cards out at a party as an icebreaker, play with family and close friends to deepen understanding of one another, or even read them over by yourself to gain insight into your own thoughts. And for our fellow bluestockings, the Art of Literary Conversation brings a distinctly bookish bent to the discussion, including prompts like "Speak of five books that you think it is important for children to read" and "The first book that was special to you." Each pack contains 300 questions on 100 cards, so no two conversations are ever the same!
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