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The Secret Language of Churches and Cathedrals: Decoding the Sacred Symbolism of Christianity's Holy Buildings

Richard Stemp
# UM1632 Paperback, 224 pages; 2016 (2010)
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Centuries ago, it was not uncommon for most of the congregation of a church to be illiterate. Yet, they could "read" - and be moved by - the iconography and other symbolism. The Secret Language of Churches and Cathedrals helps modern visitors of magnificent religious structures around the world better comprehend what they are seeing. With gorgeous photographs and helpful diagrams, this beautiful book explores interior and exterior architectural features; identifies the people, stories, animals, patterns, and various themes that recur in holy paintings, stained glass, and sculptures; and surveys the history of construction styles, from third-century crypts and catacombs to thirteenth-century Gothic cathedrals to modern-day chapels. Sure to deepen the sense of sacred awe you experience in any church you visit in the future, this enlightening resource will hold a very special place on your reference shelf. (CH)
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