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The Enchantment of New York

Willem Post and Ton Wienbelt and translated by Jasmine van den Hoek
# UM1542 Paperback, 175 pages; 2016
Currently Unavailable
When it comes to unique travel guides to New York, we can't get enough! This insightful and diverse collection of "Manhattan's Most Magical and Unique Attractions" leads visitors to some of the city's most fascinating places. From famous sites (Washington Square Arch, The New Museum, Strawberry Fields) to lesser-known locales (Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, El Museo del Barrio, Hamilton Fish Park), the special destinations featured in this fully illustrated book are sure to delight thoughtful travelers. With transit info (and QR codes to scan for loads of extra resources), The Enchantment of New York is an enlightening and useful tool for enjoying the ultimate melting pot (even for locals!). (CH)
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