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Plant: Exploring the Botanical World

# UM0662 Hardcover, 351 pages; 2016
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A stunning marriage of fine art and nature, Plant features more than 300 exquisite works of botanical art - from ancient stone carvings to modern micrograph scans - thoughtfully arranged and accompanied by fascinating and informative captions. Compare a hand-colored engraving of a rose from 1820 with a 2008 digital 3D rendering of the same flower, or note the similarities between an early nineteenthcentury sketch of a collection of weeds and a 2006 installation of "lightweeds" appearing to grow on museum walls...and marvel at the extraordinary beauty of nature, the evolution of our understanding of botany, and the significant ways plants have shaped cultures around the globe. It's sure to enthrall and awe art-lovers and gardeners alike. (AG)
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