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Mark Twain for Cat Lovers

edited by Mark Dawidziak
# UM0312 Hardcover, 187 pages; 2016
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Mark Twain...loved cats, compliments, and cigars, and no day would have been judged truly complete for him without a generous supply of all three.

Though America's favorite satirist was an avowed lover of all animals, his highest regard was reserved for cats and dogs. Those four-legged friends appeared frequently in his correspondence and his fiction, excerpts from which have been collected into these lighthearted anthologies of "true and imaginary adventures." Mark Twain for Cat Lovers celebrates beloved felines in forty such delightful anecdotes, including "The Cat Who Conquered an Elephant" and "Discipline 'Don't Apply' to a Cat." Mark Twain for Dog Lovers honors man's best friend with forty-six short pieces: "Why Dogs Aren't Welcome at Funerals," "A Dog With Genius in Him," and more. Pick your pet of preference, settle back in a comfy chair, and enjoy a hearty chuckle! (KG)
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