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as told to Robert Specht
# UL9442 Paperback, 341 pages; 2016 (1976)
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Find a warm, comfy reading spot - because once you start this heartwarming and wildly adventurous true tale of a young woman forging her way in remote Alaska, you'll be hooked! In 1927, nineteen-year-old Anne Hobbs - fresh-faced and determined - arrived (via a harrowing pack train journey complete with a bear encounter!) to Chicken, a tiny gold-mining community in the Alaskan territory, to teach the handful of children there. As she began lessons in the one-room schoolhouse (where she also lived) and learned to ski, sled, and survive in the bitter cold, Hobbs - and called "Tisha" (teacher) by her students - forged friendships with many of the villagers. But her affinity for some of the local Indians was a source of much conflict, especially when she began to fall in love with a "half-breed" miner. Hobbs forged ahead, staying strong in the face of life-threatening hardships and soul-crushing prejudices, opening her home and heart to those who needed it most. A Bas Bleu customer wrote us to recommend this book, and we are grateful for the introduction to the courageous and big-hearted Anne Hobbs, whose extraordinary adventures will captivate and inspire readers!(AG)
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