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George Hodgman
# UL8062 Paperback, 278 pages; 2016 (2015)
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George Hodgman put his life as a book editor in Manhattan on hold and moved to Paris, Missouri, to care for his aging mother, Betty. He's not a natural caregiver - nervous, insecure, and an abysmal cook - and strong-willed and suspicious, Betty is a difficult patient. But they navigate the days as an unlikely team, traveling to doctor's appointments and bridge dates, beauty parlors and church meetings. Along the way, Hodgman reveals the triumphs and disappointments of Betty's life, as well as his own struggles with acceptance and self-respect. Though there are barriers between them that have never come down - not the least of which is Hodgman's homosexuality, a near-taboo topic for the pair - the love between mother and son remains sparklingly clear on every page. This hilarious and poignant memoir of their time together is a true gem; prepare for laughter, tears, and kind and gentle insights into what it means to be human. (AG)

This title is part of our 2017 Life Stories Book a Month package.
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