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How Fat Was Henry VIII? And Other Questions on Royal History

Raymond Lamont-Brown
# UL6142 Hardcover, 190 pages; 2016 (2008)
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This breezily entertaining dip into the "lives, fads, fallacies, victories, defeats, enemies, strengths and weaknesses" of Britain's monarchs takes you through centuries of fascinating historical queries. Some answers aren't too surprising (Henry the VIII was, indeed, pretty darn fat...though there is much more "meat" to the explanation), but all are quite engaging - from "Was Elizabeth I a 'virgin' queen?" to "Which monarchs were deemed 'bumped off' by royal doctors?" to "Did Edward VII have a 'secret family'?" What an informative and quirky amusement for Anglophiles, history buffs, and anyone intrigued by royalty. (CH)
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