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Bedtime Stories for Dogs

Leigh Anne Jasheway
# UL5792 Paperback, 84 pages; 2016
Currently Unavailable
We've yet to meet a cat or dog who doesn't love a good nap, so it stands to reason your furry friends will love a good bedtime story! Pampered felines are sure to enjoy such tales as "Rumpled Katzkin," "Kitty and the Beast," and "The Three Kitty Cats Gruff," while pups' tails will wag during lively recitations of such modern classics as "CinderDane," "Princess and Peabody," and "Red, Riding to the Dog Show." Yes, these contemporary takes on old-school fairy tales are a bit silly, but the animal-lover you know is sure to guffaw along all the same! See Bedtime Stories for Cats here. (KG)
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