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A Year of Biblical Womanhood

Rachel Held Evans
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In 2010, writer Rachel Held Evans - raised in an evangelical church yet a self-described Christian liberal - embarked upon an ambitious yearlong project to live in accordance with the Bible's covenants for women. Each month, she chose a specific Biblical virtue as her focus, devoting herself in study, prayer, and practice. From gentleness (avoiding gossip and negative language) and obedience (calling her husband "master") to purity (sleeping in the front yard during menstruation) and valor (emulating the quintessentially noble woman profiled in Proverbs 31), Evans's experiment resulted in a spiritual odyssey that was surprising, enlightening...and, yes, occasionally comical! Ultimately, she found her faith deepened, her marriage strengthened, and her confidence boosted by the realization that "the Bible does not present us with a single model for womanhood....It's not our roles that define us, but our character." (KG)
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