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Little Owl Plush

# UL3732
Currently Unavailable
As night falls and the moon rises, it's time for nocturnal little creatures to head to school. But while wee bats and fox kits are practicing their arithmetic and enjoying Show and Tell, Little Owl can't keep her eyes open. She even snores through music class! No matter how many times Teacher tells her to "Wake up!", Little Owl just wants to nap. So of course when the sun comes up and it's time to snuggle up in bed...she's wide-awake. But Mommy Owl knows what's best, and she sends Little Owl off to dreamland. This soft-covered board book is a sweet little story for those youngsters who never seem to want to sleep when they're supposed to, and our cuddly 7" Little Owl Plush makes the perfect bedtime buddy! For ages infant to three. See Wake Up Little Owl here.
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