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The Elegance of the Cat

Tamsin Pickeral with photography by Astrid Harrisson
# UL2522 Hardcover, 288 pages; 2013
Currently Unavailable
A cat is a cat is a cat - a creature of infinite grace and character, irrespective of pedigree or show-bench accomplishments. To know a cat is a privilege, but to be loved by a cat is the greatest accolade.

Beautiful, enigmatic, cunning, and lethal (to rodents!), cats have captivated humans for more than 10,000 years. They were even considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians, a fact those finicky felines never let us forget! The Elegance of the Cat is a big, beautiful celebration of Felis catus, packed with illuminating information about more than fifty breeds - from the ancient and rare Egyptian Mau, Turkish Van, and African Sokoke to the modern Russian Peterbald and the American RagaMuffin and Serengeti. Illustrated with dozens of gorgeous photographs, this impressive tribute will be treasured by the cat-lover you know...and may even meet the lofty standards of their very discerning cat! (KG)
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