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Life Hacks Set of 2

Dan Marshall
# UK8392 Paperback, 191 pages; 2015
Currently Unavailable
The "life hacks" (defined as "clever ways to solve annoying problems and make mundane tasks easier") outlined in this funny little book are as entertaining as they are helpful! Add baking soda to the water to make boiled eggs easier to peel; extend the lifespan of bananas by wrapping their stalks in plastic wrap; give your showerhead a miracle cleaning using just a plastic bag, vinegar, and a rubber band; make elevators go straight to your floor without stopping using a firefighters' insider tip; set your phone on "airplane mode" for a faster charge; employ dental floss for a perfectly sliced cake; and so much more! Simplify your life - and look cool while doing it - with these ingenious solutions to everyday problems. Set of 2 Life Hacks Books. (CH)
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