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Wait for Me: The Irritations and Consolations of a Long Marriage

Judith Viorst
# UK7992 Hardcover, 79 pages; 2015
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So just in case there's a place where we go when we die, And just in case you should get there before I do, I don't, when it's my turn, want to spend eternity looking for you. So let's decide where we'll meet. Let's decide/Where you'll wait for me.

Only veterans of long marriages truly understand the unique blend of devotion and aggravation that comes from spending decades together. In this delightful little book, poet Judith Viorst - herself half of a fifty-five-year marriage - combines hard-won experience with wonderfully sharp wit to create one dozen humorous odes to enduring matrimony. Wrap it up as a milestone anniversary gift or slip it beneath your partner's pillow; laughter (and maybe a few sentimental tears) are sure to follow! (KG)
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