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111 Places in San Francisco That You Must Not Miss

Floriana Petersen
# UK6672 Paperback, 230 pages; 2015
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These friendly tours of 111 wonderful and offbeat destinations in New York City or San Francisco will thrill visitors and residents alike! In the Big Apple, discover where to find an ATM that dispenses not cash but cupcakes, a trapeze you can swing on while taking in a skyline view, a piece of the Berlin Wall, the queen of all pastrami sandwiches, and more! West Coast tourists can take a spin class in a repurposed 1920s movie theater, hike through a cloud forest, and visit the stomping grounds of famous authors, artists, and cultural icons (among other adventures). In each unique guidebook, an insider's exuberant description of each quirky locale is paired with a full-page photo, address, and transit info. Enjoy NYC or SF in a whole new way! (CH)
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