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Hemingway in Love: His Own Story

A. E. Hotchner
# UK4282 Hardcover, 176 pages; 2015
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This intimate memoir thoughtfully recounts conversations Ernest Hemingway shared with A. E. Hotchner over the many years of their friendship. There are tales of mischief, peril, and famous friends (and nemeses), but the primary story told here is one of true love and haunting regret. Hemingway's first wife Hadley was "simple, old-fashioned, receptive, plain, virtuous"...and the great love of his life. When "chic, stylish, aggressive, cunning, nontraditional" Pauline came along, she stole a piece of Hemingway's heart, and soon his marriage crumbled. Hemingway in Love presents a sentimental, naïve side of the celebrated author known for his virile lifestyle and unaffected prose. (CH)
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