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My Pantry

Alice Waters and illustrated by Fanny Singer
# UK1582 Hardcover, 143 pages; 2015
Currently Unavailable
A properly stocked pantry, according to Chez Panisse owner Alice Waters, assures "simplicity and economy and ease in the kitchen" and "encourages the best kind of impromptu cooking." Chef Waters shares culinary philosophy as well as recipes, celebrating tomato confit (delicious for breakfast when baked with eggs); chile-lime salt (try it on cold mango or watermelon); marinated anchovies (tasty on crostini); walnuts, almonds, and pecans (slow-roasted with sage leaves); chocolate nut bark (a beautiful little treat for unexpected guests); and so much more! From creating enjoyable dishes with beans or whole grains to canning delightful sweet preserves to making fresh cheese, My Pantry guides home chefs of all ability levels to truly thrive in the kitchen. (CH)
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