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The Story of Christianity: A Chronicle of Christian Civilization from Ancient Rome to Today

Jean-Pierre Isbouts
# UJ5922 Hardcover, 367 pages; 2014
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Two thousand years ago, a man called Jesus began a religious movement; today, Christian values inform the lives of one-third of the Earth's inhabitants. It is an astonishing feat, one secular and religious scholars have been studying for centuries. Now National Geographic's The Story of Christianity offers readers an insightful look into the social, political, and cultural events and practices that fostered the spread of Christianity from deep within the Roman Empire to the farthest reaches of the globe. Lavishly illustrated with photographs and reproductions of Christian-themed art, this comprehensive volume begins with the life of Jesus and explores the growth of Christianity across the Byzantine Empire, into Europe, through the Renaissance and Reformation and the Age of Enlightenment, and finally into the twenty-first century. Fascinating! (KG)
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