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Around the World in 80 Plants

by Jonathan Drori and illustrated by Lucille Clerc
# WD1902 Hardcover, 216 pages; 2021
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The ingenious design of lotus leaves inspired the creation of window glass, paint, and rainwear that "repels" water. Licorice crops up in ancient medical sources from Mesopotamia to China, used to treat coughs, colds, and indigestion…but too much can cause heart arrhythmia and temporary blindness. Honey made from toxic rhododendron nectar was once used by a Persian king to incapacitate Roman troops. Squash and maize are two parts of a brilliant three-plant "self-sustaining farming system" developed by the Mayans. Around the World in 80 Plants combines botany, history, mythology, and even ancient medicine in a fascinating illustrated tour guaranteed to enlighten readers of every ilk! (KG)
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