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When Time Stopped

by Ariana Neumann
# UV4202 Paperback, 321 pages; 2020
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Growing up, Ariana Neumann fiercely admired her father, Hans, a quiet and mysterious industrialist who had built a prosperous life for himself in Venezuela. As an adult she was stunned to discover the extent of what he had hidden from her—that he was a Jewish man, and that he had fought a secret war of resistance against the Nazis as most of his family was murdered. Following his death she doggedly pursued an investigation into his past, revealing that he had changed his identity and moved to Berlin, to the very heart of Hitler's empire, where he had engaged in espionage while working as a chemist. Profoundly moving and superbly crafted, When Time Stopped is a sobering reminder of the horrors the Nazis inflicted, and the efforts of the Jewish people to survive and retain their dignity and humanity by any means. (BH)
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