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The Postscript Murders

by Elly Griffiths
# UV0862 Hardcover, 315 pages; 2020
No Longer Available
When ninety-year-old Peggy Smith dies in her sleep, evidence points to heart failure. But Peggy wasn't just any old woman: She worked as a "murder consultant," helping famous crime writers think up creative murders. Peggy's home-health carer, Natalka, suspects foul play, a scenario Detective Sergeant Harbinder Kaur considers unlikely…until a masked gunman breaks into Peggy's flat and steals a single book. Now, DS Kaur is on the case with a little "undercover" help from a motley crew of Peggy's friends: a retired BBC broadcaster, an ex-monk, and Natalka. A lively literary whodunit! (KG)
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