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The Haunting of Alma Fielding

by Kate Summerscale
# UV0482 Hardcover, 349 pages; 2020
No Longer Available
In 1938, journalist and ghost hunter Nandor Fodor arrived at the home of Alma Fielding, a suburban London housewife allegedly tormented by a poltergeist. Fodor was astounded by what he saw—flying crockery, upended furniture, and dancing glassware—and the sometimes harrowing eyewitness stories from Alma's family. As he launched an investigation, digging deep into Alma's life and introducing her to expert mediums and scientists, Fodor sought to determine whether she was a skilled fraud...or a troubled woman whose suppressed past trauma had begun to manifest as supernatural power. Kate Summerscale bewitches readers with this deeply researched "true ghost story," an engrossing real-life tale of paranormal mystery and human obsession. (KG)
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