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Great American Dog Stories

edited by Nancy Butler and Lamar Underwood
# UV0452 Paperback, 329 pages; 2021
No Longer Available

For the noblest people are the people who are noble without knowing it; and the same rule, I fancy, holds good, too, for dogs. —from "Uncle Dick's Rolf" by Georgiana M. Craik

Great American Dog Stories features nineteen classic short stories about man's (and woman's) best friend. Jack London writes a heartbreaking story about a dog's natural proclivity for home. Mark Twain spins a tale from a dog's perspective, written in the wandering, colloquial voice that seems so typical of the excitable creatures. Sarah Knowles Bolton's chronicle of a dog's life exemplifies how anchored pets are to their owners. This endearing collection featuring some of American literature's greatest scribes skillfully illuminates our heartfelt connection to our four-legged companions. (RR)
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