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One-Bowl Meals

by Maria Zizka
# UT8682 Hardcover, 143 pages; 2021
No Longer Available
Inspired by a staple of many Asian cuisines, One-Bowl Meals draws on a simple concept—a complete meal in one bowl—to dish up thirty "simple, nourishing, delicious" recipes such as lentils with crispy mustard chicken, quinoa with sheet-pan salmon, panzanella caprese, even breakfast bowls! Boards, Platters, Plates builds on the idea of cheese and charcuterie boards to create thirty delicious "recipes for entertaining, sharing, and snacking," from light starters (a fondue platter, a tropical shrimp-and-salsa snack) to meal-size offerings (Korean BBQ, a DIY hoagie bar) and dessert platters (a holiday cookie swap, high tea). Delicious and convenient? When do we eat? Sold separately. (KG)
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