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Total Olympics

by Jeremy Fuchs
# UT7752 Hardcover, 322 pages; 2020
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Each Olympics is a mishmash of thousands of little stories, all making up a glorious two-week adventure. Multiply those thousands of stories by 51 Olympiads over 122 years, and you get a collection of sports yarns unlike any other. Sure, we all know the major events from Olympics past….But for every story that has been ingrained into the sports fan's consciousness, countless others have slipped through time.

And now, here they are: hundreds of memorable-yet often-forgotten Olympic moments—be they controversial, dramatic, inspiring, hilarious, or just plain weird! From a Cuban mailman who stole peaches from a spectator and took a nap mid-marathon in 1904 to the Grateful Dead's sponsorship (complete with tie-dye uniforms) of the Lithuanian basketball team in 1992, there are surprises galore in this entertaining collection of sports stories from the world's favorite Games! (CH)
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