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Olive, Mabel, and Me

by Andrew Cotter
# UT7342 Hardcover, 205 pages; 2020
No Longer Available
When professional sports came to a screeching halt in early 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, BBC sports commentator Andrew Cotter found himself with little on which to comment. On a whim, he turned his critical analysis and dramatic delivery skills toward his adorable Labrador retrievers. Videos of Cotter hilariously narrating as his pups sparred over a bone, rapturously ate breakfast, stood contentedly in a fetid pool of water, etc. went viral on YouTube, spreading much-needed joy around an anxious world. In Olive, Mabel, and Me, Cotter shares a delightfully smile-inducing account of life with his canine internet sensations—hiking the Scottish hills near his home, lounging around the house, and just being two very good dogs and one rather run-of-the-mill (but very funny and lovable) human! (CH)
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