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Karolina and the Torn Curtain

by Maryla Szymiczkowa
# UT7082 Paperback, 389 pages; 2021
No Longer Available
Zofia Turbotyńska, a wealthy housewife in 1890s Poland, has a tendency to snoop. So when one of her maids is murdered, and Zofia doubts the police have found the right guy, she decides to undertake her own investigation. Her amateur sleuthing leads her into Crakow's seedy underbelly…all the while treating the reader to engrossing lessons in Polish history and culture, the early suffragette movement (which our protagonist is resistant to), and religious tension in Poland. (I found it fascinating to research the real places and events along the way!) While sometimes touching on serious topics, this perfectly witty mystery has enough twists, humor, and historical connections to please any fan of historical fiction. (SB)
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