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Garden Secrets for Attracting Birds

by Rachael Lanicci
# UT6902 Paperback, 176 pages; 2021 (2010)
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Perhaps you already know hummingbirds are drawn to brightly colored flowers. But did you know that vividly colored, seed-rich garden cosmos appeal to birds and butterflies? Or that Dark-eyed Juncos hunt insects attracted to chrysanthemums? This "bird-by-bird guide to favored plants" will help you design your garden to be more hospitable to a variety of North American birds. Divided into two sections—"Bird-Attracting Trees, Shrubs, and Plants" and "A Gardener's Guide to Favorite Backyard Birds"—the richly illustrated resource is useful both to gardeners weighing the pros and cons of different plants as well as to bird-watchers hoping to bring specific winged wonders to the yard. Tips on choosing the right type of birdhouse, bird feeder, and seeds for your little slice of heaven are also included, all to help nature lovers create a beautiful avian wonderland. (KG)
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