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Leave Only Footprints: My Acadia-to-Zion Journey Through Every National Park

by Conor Knighton
# UT4422 Paperback, 336 pages; 2021 (2020)
No Longer Available
Brokenhearted after a broken engagement, Conor Knighton hatched a plan for the ultimate soul-restoring road trip: Visit every national park in America. Leave Only Footprints is the beautiful, enlightening chronicle of his grand journey. With charm and erudition, Knighton takes us along with him to the Great Sand Dunes, where it's "so quiet you can hear your heart beat"; Biscayne Bay, best experienced in scuba gear; Yellowstone in winter, when Old Faithful erupts snow; Congaree, where spooky, misshapen roots known as "knees" sprout throughout the floodplain…every park has its own magic. Sure to inspire a trip of your own, this guide to our incredible national parks is itself a joyful adventure. (CH)
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