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The Searcher

by Tana French
# UT2492 Hardcover, 451 pages; 2020
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After twenty-five years in the Chicago PD and a difficult divorce, Cal Hooper buys a dilapidated house in the Irish countryside, hoping to rebuild his home and his life in peace and quiet. He didn't count on Trey Reddy, a local teenager, showing up, talking about a missing brother. Cal doesn't want to get involved, but the kid doesn't seem to have anyone else to turn to, and his investigative instincts won't let him walk away. It turns out, even in a close-knit community in an idyllic setting, secrets lie just below the surface and people are not who they seem. A probing study of moral codes, loyalty, and justice, this latest mystery from the masterful Tana French is gorgeously atmospheric, broodingly suspenseful, and totally engrossing. (AG)
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