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by Sally Coulthard and illustrated by Clover Robin
# UT1552 Hardcover, 144 pages; 2021
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Consider this beautifully illustrated volume your "primer" to "the myths, magic, and language of flowers," which translates the symbolism and practical uses of four dozen blooms. For example, due to the shape of their roots, orchids have been associated with sex and fertility for more than two millennia. Once popularly known as "fairy bells," bluebells crop up frequently in European fairy tales and were thought to bring luck and true love. Pansies were a popular ingredient in Elizabethan love potions—and, ironically, in syphilis treatment. Archaeologists believe the sunflower was one of the first domesticated plants, cultivated by the Aztecs both as food and as a ceremonial offering to the sun god. Each entry includes a colorful illustration and a relevant quotation, creating a fascinating resource for nature lovers, medical history buffs, writers, artists...or anyone who relishes the boundless potential of our natural world. (KG)
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