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The Boy Who Talked to Dogs

by Martin McKenna
# UT1222 Paperback, 240 pages; 2021
No Longer Available

I wasn't much to look at. Skinny as a whippet. Grubby. Ears that stuck out like door knobs. Long nose on a long face. Bold, green eyes that didn't miss much. An insolent mouth that usually got me belted.

Meet Martin Faul. Growing up in Ireland in the 1970s, Martin's ADHD, his abusive alcoholic father, the rough neighborhood kids, and his brutal schoolteachers combined to make his life miserable. So, at thirteen, he ran away, surviving for three years by stealing food and sleeping in cold barns (or worse). Martin "lived feral" with a beloved gang of six stray dogs, who ultimately taught him life-changing lessons about family and dignity. Today he goes by Martin McKenna, "the Dreadlock Dog Man," teaching people to communicate more effectively with their canine companions. The Boy Who Talked to Dogs is the fascinating true story of his rough-and-tumble youth. (CH)
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