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Bas Bleu Mad Libs

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As an only child, I have fond memories of playing Mad Libs with my parents on road trips or while waiting for an appointment. Now that I have little ones of my own, I'm thrilled to see how well the concept holds up for both kids and adults (and I realize that my parents were subtly teaching me reading, spelling, and language arts skills). Bas Bleu is proud to present this custom version of Mad Libs for bluestockings young and old. The idea is simple: One person asks participants to name a certain type of word (a noun, an adjective, or a celebrity, for example). Once the suggested terms are inserted into the text, a one-of-a-kind little story, featuring hilarious nonsense like "Mr. Darcy, the quintessential pickle," is read aloud to the delight of all. Our version features twenty-one fill-in word puzzles, all about books and literature, including two special Bas Bleu additions: a history of the bluestocking, and a BB-style review of Pride and Prejudice. We think these clever booklets, sold in sets of two, make wonderfully unique gifts for readers of all ages!
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