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Around the World in 80 Trees

by Jonathan Drori and illustrated by Lucille Clerc
# US6622 Paperback, 240 pages; 2020 (2018)
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The translucent red resin of Yemen's dragon's blood trees was once prescribed as medicine and used in love potions. The "knees" of the United States's bald cypress trees were repurposed as beehives by Native Americans. The spectacular blossoms of Japan's Yoshino cherry trees embody "mono no aware, which might be translated as 'the poignancy of things,' a feeling that is nationally understood and regarded as part of the Japanese psyche." Coco-de-mer trees in the Seychelles can live up to 800 years and produce fruit with seeds weighing nearly 65 pounds. Around the World in 80 Trees combines botany, history, mythology, even ancient medicine in a fascinating illustrated tour guaranteed to enlighten readers of every ilk! (KG)
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